Emmanuel Hayford, Ruby on Rails consultant

Writing maintainable code is all about focusing our mental energy on one task at a time, and equally importantly, on one level of abstraction at a time. – Avdi Grimm

About Me


My name is Emmanuel.

I’m from Ghana but live in Poland. I enjoy writing maintainable code. I use Ruby at work, but I’m also currently learning Elixir and Go in my spare time.

Up until 2016, I played active football. These days I spend my weekends drinking beer with friends or digging into blockchain technology.

What I’m Reading:

Title Author Progress
Confident Ruby Avdi Grimm 13.17%
Rebuilding Rails Noah Gibbs 30.68%
Practical Object-Oriented Design Sandi Metz 10.65%
Mastering Ruby Closures Benjamin Tan Wei Hao 100%

About This Blog

This blog is built with Jekyll on a modified version of whiteglass theme.

It’s hosted for free with HTTPS at Netlify and all lead images are from Pexels or Unsplash.

The picture above is of me in Nungwi, Zanzibar.