Artemis I

In 1966, the Soviet Union’s Luna 10 mission was the first successful uncrewed Moon-orbiting mission. That was 56 years ago! Before that, there had been over 35 missions between the USA and The Soviets to or around the Moon.

Fast-forward to 2022. Yesterday, Artemis I launched successfully after the mission was called off a couple of times in August 2022. I remember my disappointment when I planned to watch the stream on YouTube.

Here’s why I’m particularly excited about Artemis I with a quote from NASA.

Artemis I will provide a foundation for human deep space exploration and demonstrate our commitment and capability to extend human existence to the Moon and beyond before the first flight with crew on Artemis II.

The goal of Artemis I is to assure a safe crew module entry, descent, splashdown and recovery. Then by 2025, man will set foot on Mars. Artemis I is one of the preliminaries to reach that goal.

Blue = Earth, Magenta = Artemis I, Lime = Moon

I reckon generations after I’m gone, humans will witness more advanced space exploration missions. At this moment, I’m chuffed to see this now, just as much as people were with Luna 10.