Emmanuel Hayford at RailsConf 2018.RailsConf. Pittsburgh, PA.

Do you have a SaaS application already and need support for it or you’re just starting and need help getting up and running? While working closely with you, I can help you build an MVP from scratch.

I have experience building web applications that scale. Reach out to me if you need custom software for your business or if you have an application that needs management, refactoring, bug fixes or performance tunning.

Rails upgrades can be tedious, I’m up to the task. I can help you build features on top of existing applications. I’m no stranger to working with legacy code.

I adhere to TDD and DRY principles and I’m fully aware of others such as SOLID and LoD in object-oriented design. You can rest assured that applications I’ll help you build will be maintainable, fully tested and well-documented.

You can reach me at siawmensah@gmail.com. A curriculum vitae is available upon request.

I’m open to a remote contract/full-time position.