Nothing's original

There were times I would overthink trying to figure out what to write about on my technical blog. It felt like finding what to write about was a chore.

I had no idea what to write about in the past. This has changed with time. Now, almost immediately, I can come up with any technical content idea about Ruby or Rails that I want to write about, except this time, I’m missing something else—time or motivation.

Any creation you see, in any form, is a remix of several other creations. This means finding blog ideas or what to create next should come easy right?

When people call something “original”, 9 out of 10 times they just don’t know the references or original sources involved.

I like this quote from Jonathan Lethem.

Essentially you can pick up ideas from others, add your touch and make it yours.

It’s this simple idea that has filled my backlog of blog posts to the brim. I just need to figure out the time and motivation part.

Getting creative with writing or anything for that matter is a quick step, because nothing’s original.