Open source analytics

For web analytics, Google Analytics is a mess on several fronts: the UI is overly sophisticated. It’s “heavy” on the front end and quite invasive. I don’t want any of this now that I know better.

I scouted for light-weight alternatives that respected privacy and still was free and found several solutions. The two that struck my eye are Plausible and GoatCounter.

Plausible is what I’m going for ‘cause it’s:

  • open source.
  • light.
  • privacy-focused.

It ticks all the boxes. GoatCounter could be a good contender, but I haven’t checked it out in detail.

I can self-host Plausible and keep my data forever, and I get a beautiful UI to feast my eyes on. I plan to host this on DigitalOcean. Self-hosting means I’d spend less. I get to tinker with servers for fun as bonus.

Knowing there are alternatives to Google Analytics is satisfying, especially now that Google wants to replace Analytics with a more complicated version: Google Analytics 4—no, thank you.