Here’s a list of things I spend some of my free time on. Some are tools I built for myself, while others keep me busy in situations like we have now; pandemics. These are free to use. PRs welcome if you have some time during the lockdowns.


🦠 Kovid is a Ruby gem/CLI to fetch and compare the 2019 coronavirus pandemic statistics. I intend to make statistics on the pandemic accessible in the terminal. I started this to pass the time in quarantine.


📖 Lexicorn is a dictionary, but it does more! It tests you on words you’ve searched for over time to see how much you remember. I haven’t had much time to complete developing this, but it’s in the works.


😷 Sarskov is a gem that fetches, compares and aggregates statistics in a JSON format on the COVID-19 pandemic. It also returns location-specific historical data on cases, deaths and recoveries related to the novel coronavirus.