Rad Ruby Progress

Today I reached 50% of the tips and tricks I want to include in Rad Ruby, my upcoming book collection of Ruby tips and tricks. I have 50 of the 100 items I want to include in the book.

The journey to this point has been fun, but I realise I may be moving too fast. I’d like this book to be well-done and enjoyed by Rubyists wouldn’t want to rush through it. I’ll be moving at a more sustainable pace henceforth.

I’ve already figured out what the hardest part of writing this book is, and it’s not about content, it’s about typesetting, how to structure the book and how to find technical reviewers and maybe even someone to write a foreword. Wait, do I need to write a foreword for something like this? Maybe not, it’s my first stab at publishing a book.

I’ve learned a bunch myself to this point and want to work my way through completing it. The close of next year, 2023, looks like a realistic goal.