Stoics teach distinguishing the things we can control from what we can’t. Stoicism prepares us for unforeseen contingencies mentally and physically.

The Stoics have a philosophy that resonates a lot with me and it’s something I’ve considered studying.

Here are the main virtues of stoicism:

  • Wisdom
  • Courage
  • Temperance
  • Justice

Wisdom is being able to differentiate between what’s internal and external and being able to choose our responses to what happens to us.

Courage is the state of remaining strong and in control of one’s emotions, no matter what life throws at you. In other words, to persist and resist.

Temperance or moderation, is acting with restraint, self-control and discipline. Knowing when one has had enough.

Justice or morality in the words of the Roman Stoic Philosopher Musonius Rufus is “To honour equality, to want to do good, and for a person, being human, to not want to harm human beings. This is the most honourable lesson and it makes just people out of those who learn it.”

Most or all of this is based on common sense but requires deliberate meditation to recognize and practise. I bought a copy of Ryan Holiday’s The Daily Stoic a few years ago, read it for a few days and then dropped the book. This is a good time to dust it off.